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  I don't have a travel agency. Can I open a partner account?

Of course you can! You do not need to have a travel agency to open a Elite travel Partner account. However, it is better to have a travel agency.

  Do I have to pay to open a partner account in Elite Platform? Are there any opening charges?

No! You do not have to pay any money to open a partner account in elite travel. Account opening is completely free!

  My agency has an official website, so why add my package to Elite Booking?

You can use the elite platform to reach more trippers / travelers with your package. Also here you will find many more features together which will be quite useful for you.

  Can everyone see my mobile number and email address?

Since you are opening an account as an agency, it is better to keep it open. This will allow the tripper / traveler to communicate with you easily and quickly. However, you can hide it if you want.

  Is there any service charge?

No! There is no weekly, monthly or yearly service charge on elite platform. It's completely free!

  How much commission does Tripodo charge from each booking package?

Elite travel does not charge any commission from the booking package. The entire partner will get what is in the booking package.

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